IMPORTANT NOTICE: Trainic-World Sainokuni #5 100 miles & 100 km in view of Covid-19

1. Possible cancellation of Sainokuni due to Covid-19

The race will be cancelled if any of the following items are issued as of April 30. If such will be issued before May 23, the race will be cancelled.

  1. The national and/or municipal government requests suspension of the events of the size of the race (1,000 participants).
  2. The authorities forbid to go out in the metropolitan area.
  3. The public transportation stops operation in Saitama and/or Tokyo area.
  4. New Sunpia Ogose bans the use of the gym.

The organizer will decide whether or not to hold the event if other issues affecting the race arise. As of today, the postponement of the race is not under study. If the race is cancelled due to Covid-19, a part of entry fee will be refunded. The organizer will investigate the amount and method of refund and will inform on the website.

2. Countermeasures to prevent infection

When the race is to be held, the participants are requested to abide by the following rules in the gym and/or aid stations.

  1. All the participants in the race are requested to wear a mask inside the gym. It is one of the basic measures against infectious disease. A mask will be added as mandatory equipment.
  2. Additional dressing spaces will be provided in the venue. Participants are requested to lower the density in the gym.
  3. Racers cannot stay in the gym waiting for the race. Please exit immediately after changing clothes and checking your baggage.
  4. Racers, pacers and supporters cannot keep a space in the gym. Baggage racers kept at the gym can be claimed when racers rest in the gym and checked again when they restart. Racers will be provided with a large size plastic bag.
  5. Windows will be opened during the night to let in fresh air.
  6. When racers stay in the gym after finishing or dropping out, please change clothes and wear a mask. You are requested to leave the gym as soon as possible.
  7. No tent will be provided at aid stations. Racers will rest on a blue tarp regardless of weather.
  8. Supporters are requested to wear a mask in the gym and at aid stations. Supporters cannot stay in the gym.

3. Other Measures

  1. Participants are requested to refrain voluntarily from running the race if they have a fever of coughing.
  2. Participants are requested to check their body temperature of the day and previous day of the race and fill in the reception slip. If you do not fill in your body temperature or your body temperature is more than 37.5 degrees, you cannot run the race.
  3. When using public transportation before and after the race, please take basic measures against infectious disease including washing hands and wearing a mask.
  4. The body temperature of all the staffs will be checked before starting their task.
  5. Soaps, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks will be provided at aid stations.
  6. The organizer will pay due attention to food and drinks provided at aid stations to prevent infection.

4. Remarks

  1. Participants who fail to follow the above rules will be disqualified. If supporters fail to follow the rules, the relevant racers will be disqualified as well as the supporters will be requested to leave the venue.
  2. If participants are infected with Covid-19 during the race, the insurance of the race will not cover the treatment cost.

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