Race NameTrainic World in Ogose & Tokigawa #7
Race DateSunday, July 8, 2018(Rain or shine)
Race OrganizerCoedo-Oedo Trainic World (Non-Profit Organization)
Race Categories(A) Long 50km / (B) Middle 30km
Distance: 49.5km / 30.3km
Cum Altitude Gain: 2,795m / 1,505m
Off Road: 30.0km(60.6%) / 14.6km(48.3%)
Categories by age:
Women 18-44
Women over 44
Men 18-39
Men 40s
Men 50s
Men 60s & over
Race Qualification(A) Long 50 km
You must have finished in time at least one trail running race of over 30km.
Both for (A) & (B)
1. Any men or women of 18 years of age or older with a good health condition.
2. Those who can read maps.
3. You must be in good manners and do not give trouble to hikers.
4. You must abide by the rule of "No littering."
5. You must follow traffic rules on the streets.
6. If you decide to drop out, you must return to the finish line on your own by public transportation.
7. You must be aware that the courses are very tough. Sufficient training for the race is strongly
8. Consent of parents or guardian is required for those of 18-19 years of age.
Entry Fee(A) Long 50km /7,000 yen
(B) Middle 30km /5,000 yen
1. Marathon insurance premiums
2. Donation to disaster area (300 to 500yen: "Run by 10," 10yen per running 1km)
1. If you wish to book a parking space, please pay 500 yen when you sign up.
2. If you wish to have a printed records, please pay 200 yen per copy when you sign up.
Number of Racers(A) Long 50 km350racers
(B) Middle 30 km400racers
Sign up viaRunnet http://runnet.jp/
Sports Entry http://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/
Sign-up PeriodJanuary 11, 2018 through May 31, 2018 (fist come first served basis)
Participation Awards1. Bath coupon
2. Original goods
Awards1st - 3rd places of each category. Also, special prizes of the day!
Finish CertificateIssued at the finishing line.
Printed RecordsWill be mailed later to those who have booked and paid 200 yen per copy at the sign-up. You can print the records from our website.
Date Venue (A) Long 50 (B) Middle 30
July 7 (Sat) Early Check in New Sunpia Saitama Ogose 18:00~19:00 18:00~19:00
July 8 (Sun) Check in 6:00~7:10 7:10~8:10
Briefing 7:15 8:15
Starting Time 7:30 8:30
Finish Before 18:30 16:30
Time Limit 11 hours 8 hours
VenueNew Sunpia Saitama Ogose
Access【By train】
Ogose Station ( Tobu Tojo Line, JR Hachiko Line)
*Free shuttle bus services scheluled from the station to the venue.
The first bus leaves the station at 6:00AM on July 8. About 10 minutes to the venue by bus.
【By car】
Parking spaces for 230 cars are reserved for the participants who have booked in advance.
Please book and settle the account when you sign up. Parking fee is 500 yen per car.
There are no other parking spaces around the venue nor around Ogose Station.
ITRA PointsScheduled to be applied. (A)Long 50 km: 3 points, (B)Middle 30 km: 1 point
Aid Stations andLight meals and drinks will be served at Aid Stations during the Service Hours.
Cut-Off TimePlease carry your personal cup. No paper cups provided at Aid Stations.
Categories Distance Aid Stations Service Hours Cut Off Time
Locations (A) Long 50km (B) Middle 30km (A) Long 50km (B) Middle 30km (A) Long 50km (B) Middle 30km
New Sunpia starting at 7:30 starting at 8:30
A1 Kasasugi Pass 11.4km 8:30~11:30 10:00 11:30
A2 Buna Pass 16.4km 9:00~12:50 11:00 12:50
A3 Ohno Pass 21.0km 9:40~12:00 12:00
A4 Doudaira Camp Site 25.5km 10:10~13:10 13:10
A5 Jikou-ji Temple 31.0km 10:40~14:30 14:30
A6 Kunugimura 38.8km 19.6km 10:20~16:10 16:10 13:40
A7 Ohkusu-mae 45.5km 26.3km 11:00~17:40 17:40 15:30
New Sunpia 49.5km 30.3km 11:20~18:30 18:30 16:30
1. You will be DNFed unless you exit the aid station within 10 minutes after the cut-off time.
2. The race organizer, its staff, sweepers and/or marshalls may instruct the racers to withdraw from the race and/or suspend the race due to, but not limited to, the safety reasons.
3. When DNFed, return to the finish line on your own by public transportation.
Mandatory equipmentsCourse map, minimum of 1 littre of water, personal cup, small coins (train/bus fare to return to the finish line if you decide to drop out)
Recommended itemsRain gear, cap, gloves, long sleeve shirts, long pants, flashlight, poison remover

Note: 1. Long sleeve shirts are recommended to prevent from insect bites.
2. The use of trekking poles is prohibited to protect from the environmental damage.
3. No paper cups provided at Aid Stations. Please carry your own personal cup.
Baggage StorageBaggeges you do not need during the race except the valuables can be kept at the gym of New Sunpia Ogose.
Shttle BusFree shuttle bus services scheluled from the venue to the Ogose station after the race.
BathsYou can take a bath at either of the following facilities by presenting a bath coupn.
 ・New Sunpia Saitama Ogose
 ・You Park Ogose (shutttle bus services available)
AccommodationsSpecial prices available for the race participants at the following facilities. Please make reservation by yourself.
When you make reservation, please tell that you are participating in the race so that special prices will be applied.
1. New Sunpia Saitama Ogose Hotel
・Shared rooms (sex separated, 3 persons per room), 3,000 yen plus tax per person (no breakfast). Parking space available.
*Different room rate applied for one or two guests per room.
2. You Park Ogose
・3,300 yen per person for a napping room including tax, indoor clothes, towel, and breakfast. Parking space available.
・When you check in, please tell that you are participating in the race so that you can get a ticket for a shuttle bus to the venue
that will operate early in the morning.
3. Yoshihiro Restaurantphone
・Shared rooms (sex separated), 3,500 yen including tax per person (no breakfast). Parking space available.
・Please take the free shuttle bus at Ogose station to come to the venue.
Race CommitteeTrainic World in Ogose & Tokigawa Race Committee
Chairman of the Race Committee: Minoru Ohta
c/o Coedo-Oedo Trainic World (Non-Profit Organization)
InquiryPlease contact us by E-mail at:info@trainic-world.org
Rules & ConditionsPlease read well the followings before your entry sign-up.
1. In order for the safe and smooth operation of the event, race participants are to follow the race organizer's rules and abide by
the traffic regulations.
2. Race organizer has no responsibility for the injury or the loss of participants' belongings except for the emergency first aid
3. Race organizer will apply for the marathon insurance. Race participants agree that compensation for accidents or injuries
during the race will be limited to the amount as stipulated in the insurance policy. Sickness is not covered by the insurance.
Race participants should well take care of health conditions to participate in the race.
4. Race category changes are not allowed after the entry sing-up.
5. Substitute runners nor false applications of age or sex are not allowed. If violated, racers will be disqualified from race;
if it beceoms clear after the race, the records will be cancelled.
6. In the case of race cancellation due to, but not limited to, earthquake, hurricanes, storms, snow or other weather or related
circumstances or warnings, the race organizer will the decide notification method to the participants or the amount of
refund (if any).
7. No refund will be made to the items 4 and 5, nor to overpayment/duplicate payment.
8. Video/television footage, photos, articles, race results, etc. may be used and/or shown in newspapers, television, magazines,
internet, etc. Paticipants understand and agree that these rights belong to the race organizer.
9. Personal information protection
Race organizer recongizes personal information are very important and handles personal information about race participants
with care and efforts. Race organizer handle personal information with extreme care, complying with personal information
protection related laws and regulations as well as the race orginizer's Personal Information Protection Policy.
*Race participants' personal information will be used for mailing future race brochure, notification of race records or related
materials, announcement of results, etc.
*Race organizer or its outsourcing contractor may contact race participants to confirm the details of application.
10.This race will be operated according to the conditions stipulated above as well as conditions mentioned in the application form.
11. "Donation to disaster area" will be made in accordance with the disaster area support program of NPO activities as stipulated
in Section 3 of Article 5 of the Articles of Incorporation of the race organizer.